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Ideas & Suggestions Media Ressources

Tiny Vertical Automation

I’m trying to imagine how a « vertical » version of the Renoise Automation mechanism could look when used inside the pattern editor view.

Renoise Piano View

A virtual piano keyboard is usefull for those who want to introduce notes with the mouse, see the relationships between the C2b D6# E4 F3 A5# notes, and hits on a real instrument. Also usefull for those who work in the dark and need just sligh modifications of notes in the pattern.

Renoise Alternative Vertical FX Command Edition

This edition mode is directly inspired by the Sk@ale Trackers « track editor » button. Ska@le is an unfinished work for now but let’s say that Baktery knows how to make pretty cool tracker interfaces. It’s probably not as precise as the horizontal zoomable automation envelope system, but (1) it’s vertical, and (2) it could be handy to « visually » and « graphically » align those parameters to recorded notes.

Renoise Additionnal Vertical Sample Editor

What follows is not exactly an example of « vertical audio track », but just an alternative sample editor, that could be displayed if needed instead of the matrix view. It is able to sync. the actual pattern line position and the sample editor position. Of course if you don’t want to use it, Renoise could allow you to work with the usual horizontal sample editor.

Renoise New Sampler Timeline

A better sync. between the sampler and the pattern edition would be to display a floating timeline representing the pattern lines so that operations on the sample would perfectly match the pattern structure.

This is my mockup for the next Renoise Multicolor Pianoroll

I’m trying to figure out how could look the future Renoise Multicolor PianorRoll feature (if ever implemented)

Semi-transparent Vertical Automation Curves

Semi-transparent Vertical Automation Curves.

Funny / Strange horizontal based sequence editor

Funny / Strange horizontal based sequence editor

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